March Progress Report

This is a story from long ago.

Within a palace in the city, there lived a girl who bore within her the power of the goddess, and with her a man—a magician who had been charged to protect her.
Her golden eyes brought ruin to all they touched, for their power guided those who drew near to the truth to their demise.
They were known as “Ecliss.”

One day, the man told the girl that she was like a flower.
For one such as him, who had traveled far and wide, there was nothing more pitiful than someone confined as if planted in a tiny garden, their hopes and dreams naught but fallen petals carried away by the wind.
But, with a smile, the girl told him this.

“Flowers do not need your pity, for they have no hearts.”

A flower lives ignorant of the truth of this vain world.
Yet despite that, it bestows happiness upon people.
That which is truly pitiful the belief that a flower is to be pitied.
For to believe that is to imbue it with a heart that can know the loneliness of solitude…

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