MiniLD #52 Entry: Al-Kimia


So I made a game for the Retro Challenge. Or rather I figured out how to use an old piece of PC98 game creation software and used its stock assets to make a game. I hoped it’d be at least a little cool, with some original music, but I ran into a lot of technical problems and only had time to doodle a few melodies today (after currently running on no sleep for 36 hours to get the game into a playable state.)

I don’t recommend expecting it to be fun to play, but it might be of interest if you like old computers or old software. I feel pretty accomplished myself for just having finished it, though the amount of effort I sank into this thing is probably not appreciable by anyone else (nor am I sure it was worth it.)

But hey, it’s the closest thing I’ve made to a real game so far. That counts for something. It might embarrass me into making a better one.

Download Al-Kimia

2 thoughts on “MiniLD #52 Entry: Al-Kimia

  1. So, can’t seem to play the game, I get stuck with a dark screen with Japanese letters all over. Am I suppose to seek out and use the np2fmgen? I read the instructions with little success. Maybe a few more details?

    1. Uh, the first thing that comes to mind is that it might not be finding the HD image. Does the screen say システムディスクをセットしてください or something like that? If so try going to the Harddisk->IDE #0->Open menu item and opening HardDisk.hdi in the same directory, then resetting.

      Otherwise, could you hook me up with a screenshot of the screen?

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