Anime Retrospective: Summer 2015

Better than last time.

Wow I wrote something. Even though I barely have time to watch anime. Praise me.

Completed (or at least finished airing)

Gakkou Gurashi

I feel unqualified to truly excoriate this show until I’ve read the manga, which at this rate is never going to happen. Suffice to say it’s not really worth watching unless you love cute girls doing cute things, or dramatic and emotional moments stretched so long and thin they’re practically transparent.

Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya Zwei Herz

Between this and Symphogear, I’m starting to think third seasons are cursed.

The first season of Prisma Ilya was standard magical girl fare, executed masterfully enough that the clicheness of it all hardly mattered. The second season injected a hazardous dose of fanservice and cute girls doing cute things, but considering Kuro was the star of it all, it at least served some sort of purpose in establishing her as a character. In contrast, the first six episodes of Zwei Herz are just blatant padding that accomplish nothing at all. They aren’t even funny most of the time.

I have yet to catch up with the rest of this so I can’t comment on the plot. If there ever is one. People say there is but I can’t trust anyone anymore.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX

While I can and will defend the first two seasons of Symphogear as simply too busy having fun to concern themselves with less important matters like “internal consistency” and “believable dialogue,” Symphogear GX has gone too far.

It seems like when GX tried to address some of the flaws of its predecessors, it instead destroyed the franchise’s unique charm. Despite there being a varied cast of villains that actually have concrete plans and objectives of some sort this time around, they fall thoroughly flat compared to Mrs. I Wanna Fuck God and Dr. Sugita, as most of them quite literally exist to be defeated by the Relic Users and everything else about them is moot in the face of that. Despite all the characters getting ample time in the spotlight, they feel mangled and incoherent, with tragic pasts and psychological complexes appearing out of nowhere as they play host to the dumbest dramatic moments Symphogear has ever tried to foist on its viewers (which is saying a lot.)

Symphogear has always been demented; the eccentric yet lovable goof of anime. But in Symphogear GX it’s become dementia in the medical sense, more readily bringing to mind a doddering old lady that fabricates false memories, doesn’t remember her own children and forgets what the topic of conversation was every ten seconds. It’s a natural progression, but that doesn’t make watching Symphogear become a shell of what it once was any less tragic.

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

This show is exactly what you’d expect from reading the premise. I don’t feel that any further commentary is necessary.


Rokka no Yuusha

I watched two episodes of this because me and a friend were really bored one night. Can’t say I was impressed by how they fled the unique Aztec-inspired setting ASAP for a much more generic one, nor how the protagonist’s personality completely changed between episodes 1 and 2.

Since then it’s apparently kept itself busy with the stupidest and most predictable plot twists imaginable, and had the protagonist inexplicably fall in love with an unapologetic mass murderer. How does shit like this get (and stay) popular?


Watched this up to episode 7 or so. The parts of it focusing on the ex-NPCs reminded me of Log Horizon during its better moments, but as the protagonists effortlessly defeated every challenge that came their way while everyone talked about how awesome they were, I rapidly lost hope of it ever becoming anything other than another MMO power fantasy with a few minor twists on the cliche formula. Let me know if I was wrong.

Late to the Party

Senki Zesshou Symphogear (G)

Basically the pure distilled essence of anime. If you don’t find Symphogear enjoyable on some level, you should probably stick to watching Ghibli movies and live action Death Note.

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