March Progress Report

This is a story from long ago. Within a palace in the city, there lived a girl who bore within her the power of the goddess, and with her a man—a magician who had been charged to protect her. Her golden eyes brought ruin to all they touched, for their power guided those who drew […]

February Progress Report

Shockingly enough, I’ve been working pretty hard lately. Unfortunately, it’s on something I’d rather not write about on this ostensibly professional blog. (It’s a fan translation, which is technically an illegal copyright violation.) I wonder why I have an easier time applying to things like that than to the games I supposedly want to make. […]

Game Review: Ar nosurge

Ar nosurge ~The Song that Prays for an Unborn Star~ GUST CO., 2012 No pictures this time, because the PS3 can’t take screenshots. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for the professional reviews. Or watch videos. Is there beauty in imperfection, even in games? I find it difficult to begin this review, because I know the […]

Game Review: Ciel nosurge

Ciel nosurge ~The Song Offered to a Lost Star~ GUST CO., 2012 In the interest of full disclosure, as of this writing I have only played Ciel nosurge‘s story up to about the point where Ar nosurge‘s diverges from it, about two-thirds of the way to the end. On one day, a perfectly ordinary day […]