Game Review: Ar nosurge

Ar nosurge ~The Song that Prays for an Unborn Star~ GUST CO., 2012 No pictures this time, because the PS3 can’t take screenshots. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for the professional reviews. Or watch videos. Is there beauty in imperfection, even in games? I find it difficult to begin this review, because I know the […]

Game Review: Ciel nosurge

Ciel nosurge ~The Song Offered to a Lost Star~ GUST CO., 2012 In the interest of full disclosure, as of this writing I have only played Ciel nosurge‘s story up to about the point where Ar nosurge‘s diverges from it, about two-thirds of the way to the end. On one day, a perfectly ordinary day […]

MiniLD #52 Entry: Al-Kimia

So I made a game for the Retro Challenge. Or rather I figured out how to use an old piece of PC98 game creation software and used its stock assets to make a game. I hoped it’d be at least a little cool, with some original music, but I ran into a lot of technical […]

Catspeak in Sora no Kiseki FC

The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki FC (known as Trails in the Sky in English) is a role-playing game originally released for the PC in 2004. This game and its sequels are notable for containing a large quantity of readable books unrelated to the central plot, including a full-length serial novel in every […]